Release: 1.1.0b1 | Release Date: not released

SQLAlchemy 1.1 Documentation


The dialect is the system SQLAlchemy uses to communicate with various types of DBAPI implementations and databases. The sections that follow contain reference documentation and notes specific to the usage of each backend, as well as notes for the various DBAPIs.

All dialects require that an appropriate DBAPI driver is installed.

External Dialects

버전 0.8으로 변경: As of SQLAlchemy 0.8, several dialects have been moved to external projects, and dialects for new databases will also be published as external projects. The rationale here is to keep the base SQLAlchemy install and test suite from growing inordinately large.

The “classic” dialects such as SQLite, MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, SQL Server, and Firebird will remain in the Core for the time being.

버전 1.0으로 변경: The Drizzle dialect has been moved into the third party system.

Current external dialect projects for SQLAlchemy include:

Production Ready

Experimental / Incomplete

Dialects that are in an incomplete state or are considered somewhat experimental.


Dialects in the “attic” are those that were contributed for SQLAlchemy long ago but have received little attention or demand since then, and are now moved out to their own repositories in at best a semi-working state. Community members interested in these dialects should feel free to pick up on their current codebase and fork off into working libraries.