Release: 1.1.0b1 | Release Date: not released

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1.1 Changelog


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  • [engine] [feature] Added connection pool events ConnectionEvents.close(), ConnectionEvents.detach(), ConnectionEvents.close_detached().

  • [engine] [feature] All string formatting of bound parameter sets and result rows for logging, exception, and repr() purposes now truncate very large scalar values within each collection, including an “N characters truncated” notation, similar to how the display for large multiple-parameter sets are themselves truncated.

    References: #2837

  • [engine] [feature] Multi-tenancy schema translation for Table objects is added. This supports the use case of an application that uses the same set of Table objects in many schemas, such as schema-per-user. A new execution option Connection.execution_options.schema_translate_map is added.

    References: #2685

  • [engine] [feature] Added a new entrypoint system to the engine to allow “plugins” to be stated in the query string for a URL. Custom plugins can be written which will be given the chance up front to alter and/or consume the engine’s URL and keyword arguments, and then at engine create time will be given the engine itself to allow additional modifications or event registration. Plugins are written as a subclass of CreateEnginePlugin; see that class for details.

    References: #3536



  • [schema] [enhancement] The default generation functions passed to Column objects are now run through “update_wrapper”, or an equivalent function if a callable non-function is passed, so that introspection tools preserve the name and docstring of the wrapped function. Pull request courtesy hsum.

    References: pull request github:204






  • [feature] [ext] Added MutableSet and MutableList helper classes to the Mutation Tracking extension. Pull request courtesy Jeong YunWon.

    References: #3297

  • [bug] [sybase] The unsupported Sybase dialect now raises NotImplementedError when attempting to compile a query that includes “offset”; Sybase has no straightforward “offset” feature.

    References: #2278